The Passion Within Her

Her heart beats with every breath against her skin
The hands of the one she loves caressing her softly
She closes her eyes as her skin tingles with sensation
How could this be

Her mind races with visions of things to come
The softness of his skin against her own
She moves her hands over her body
Wanting this so badly

Her body feels the warmth of her lover against her
The lights behind her eyes dancing with delight
She bites her lip gently as she feels the excitement rising
This could not be

Her desire anticipates between her quivering thighs
The pleasure finally comes to her aching body
She moans with passion as it builds inside of her
Praying for the end

Her breathing slows as she finally collapses
The tears fill her eyes chasing the light away
She opens her eyes knowing this is the end
Again she is alone


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