A List of Names…

So for the nearly Eleven years that he and I have been together I have always been his Cum Slut and Cock Whore. I never took those as derogatory because I knew how they were meant. Well, he has decided to give me another one and I must admit I felt an instant jolt of electricity in my cunt as I let the name roll around in my head. Anal Whore. Yes, because I love when he shoves his fucking cock deep into my ass. Why are so many girls afraid of this? If done correctly it can be very successful and I must say I have NEVER had a bad experience with him in my ass.

I am honestly surprised he didn’t give me this name sooner as he has always loved fucking my ass and I have always loved when he did! Very rarely if ever have I said no, and if I did it was for a very good reason. I know my body and I know when I can do something like that. It is one of the things I think he appreciates the most about me. In that sense.

He makes me hot. He makes me quiver. He makes me wet. He makes me….me.

at your disposal by Photorotic


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