Most days I can go without feeling sad, even though most days I think of her. Today I got a call, they left a voice message so after I listened to it I saw I had some saved from her. Yes, I listened to them. I can’t help it. I miss her. Yes, I wish it never ended, but I think we had both reached a point where it was not going to go anywhere because we were both doing things to make each other unhappy. Does that mean I didn’t love her? No, I loved her so completely, it just didn’t work out…and I had to delete and block or I would be like this ALL THE TIME. Do I wish I had her back? Yes, but I know she is better off without me. I made her sad, I made her angry, and I am sure I made her feel other horrible things as well. In the end, it is the end and I have to just keep moving forward and not look back. It is hard though..because I do love her, still.


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