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Well, I decided that I am no longer going to name my blogs other than just the number. The number represents the number of post that I am on. As of today this is my 79th post. I can’t believe how time has flown and I am already at post 79 but not only that but that I have over 30k in views with over a 100 views every day on a blog I SHOULD write on every day but neglect far to often. How is it that so many people look at this blog and and then return to see it again? I wish I knew just how many of those views are from people who are living in the lifestyle we have chosen to live in or are they just perverts looking for some porn to wank too? Not that those who live this lifestyle are not perverts, but we are in our own little way…nothing bad at all about that.

So today I am about to get ready for work and I am very unhappy about it. I hate my job. I hate my job even more when the RGM of my store decides to visit Mexico for a week. Not that I don’t think she should go visit her friends and family that still live back in Mexico, but work just never seems to run as smooth when she is gone. It is amazing how amazing she is. Ever day she is gone is another day I hate being there. I can’t wait till she is back on Thursday…even if it is 2 more days away…I am counting down the minutes till she comes back and whips us all back into shape and fixes all the mistakes that were made while she was gone. Man…I think she may end up being mad at us. LOL!

Things with her are going okay. A little slow mainly because our time is limited and my need to just be quiet and not talk to anyone seems to creep up a lot. I love spending time with her and yes I get upset when I have plans to spend time with her and then something happens and we are not able. Aside from that though I think that with all the life stuff involved it has slowed down our progression but it hasn’t lessened my love for her. She still doesn’t do everything she is supposed to do on a daily basis and I honestly don’t know what to do about it. With this being long distance it is hard for me to punish her for the things she does wrong and in that fact it is hard to reward her for doing things right when she does them right. What do I do to punish her? She doesn’t get to come every day as it is, unless she has been given permission, so that really can’t be used as a punishment. i can tell her to do something but unless I trust her completely I don’t know if she is actually doing what I commanded. I do trust her, that isn’t in question, I am just stating that without hard proof there is no proof that anything I tell her to do as punishment is being done. Oh well…time will tell I suppose.

As for Him. *grins* Things have been back and forth for a while now but one thing I can say is that I love Him with all of my being, even when I am so mad at Him that I hate Him. We have a lot that we have to work on but I know that if we both continue to work on these things that it will get better. I have noticed over time that we will talk about the things we need to work on and for a few days things are okay, but then we slip back into the old bad things. I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to keep pushing forward and growing in my love for Him and for our love for each other.

Last night was just another glorious evening of Him showing me how much He desires me. We did a little bit of roleplay in SL but then we got in bed with each other and…oh em gee did I come so hard. I try not to be loud anymore mainly because of our living circumstances, but lats night I couldn’t even hold back. I came so hard that my mouth exploded with gasps, moans, and words that I don’t even know if they were actual words. I love that He can make me feel so amazing even when I don’t feel so amazing with myself. I love that even though I have gained entirely too much weight that he can look at me, touch me, and fuck me like he did when He first fell in love (or lust whatever lol) with me over 10 years ago. He makes me feel amazing…that is all I can say about that.

Well, off I go…I hope everyone has an amazing evening and I will try…I promise…to blog more often, I know there are a few who DO actually read my posts when I post. LOL ♥

4Ever yours,




Breakfast: Sausage and Egg breakfast burrito and large iced tea (Sonic and didn’t finish my tea…)

Lunch: Left over Spaghetti and 1 coke (Sorry, I had too have one of your cokes!)

Dinner: (I haven’t had it yet but I know what I will have so I am going to go ahead and put it here) 2 grilled chicken legs, mashed potatoes w/gravy, corn, biscuit, 3 jalapenos, and pepsi (KFC)




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