I’ll Think About It


So today hasn’t been full of sex and sexual desires as much as the recently passed weekend, but it wasn’t necessarily something to complain about either. I guess you could say that today has been just a normal all around decent day, though I am fucking exhausted. Woke up this morning to Him being in some pain from His back. Seems he may have over used it this weekend…or He simply didn’t sleep in any good positions. Anyways, texted back and forth with mine for a bit this morning before getting ready for work. It is nice that she and I connect so easily…Some times I don’t have a lot to say but it is nice that she is there for when I do. I am sure sitting on skype with me is boring…I really do not talk much at all.

She seems to think that my under whelming responses to some things she has done means I don’t care or that I am not interested in what she has done. I tried explaining it to her via text my standing on it and I think she understood my point of view. I understand too that her past relationships abused her gifts and the things she had done by not caring or showing interest. It is something that she and I both have to work on. I will try to show her more enthusiasm (without it being fake) and she will be more understanding when I am showing less enthusiasm. There may be reasons why I am showing less, but the main reason is because I am not going to gush over every single thing she does. She is amazing and I love her, but I will reward her when I see fit…I don’t need to continuously build her up over every single thing she does. My simple words of “nice” or “I like it a lot” may not seem like much, but believe me it is more than I have done for others.

I love her…isn’t that enough for her right now? 😛

Work sucked…I really need to find a new job but I just don’t know. I am thinking about checking out the local Wal-mart that is about to open. I am sure they have all of the positions filled but it won’t hurt to check it out. Anything has to be better than finger lickin good…I am tired of making 400 small mashed potatoes on Mondays. I might also check in with some temp agencies to see if I can get on somewhere that way. I may have to start at the bottom but I don’t mind working my way up as long as it is a decent climb and there are no barriers to keep people from growing.

Anyways, I have to end this now because I am just to sleepy to think of what all I should actually put here, but I am sure I will think about something later. Oh, I do tend to think about things a lot. Hence the title of this blog. “I’ll Think About It” is something I say often. I don’t think she likes it very much, but…I like it a lot. Plus, I am trying to not make decisions to quickly and actually think about how they will effect the situation at hand. Patience my pet…patience.

I am ready to crawl into bed with Him and snuggle in against His warmth…until I get a hot flash and fling the covers off me as I burn from the inside out….


What has been shoved in my face…

Breakfast – Nothing

Lunch – 3 Grilled Legs, Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy, Corn, and Pepsi (KFC)

Dinner – Asiago Ranch Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Side Salad w/ French Dressing, 3 French Fries (Blech), Root Beer, and Chocolate Frosty (Wendy’s)






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