Such a Good Girl


Good Girl


Today was a fun and interesting day. I Still have yet to determine the best possible time to punish my girl. I know it will be soon, but I want to maximize the punishment to the best possibility and also because I am selfish (and possibly evil) and want to watch her administer some of it. I know that when the time comes she will do it all willingly for the stunt she pulled. I am thankful that she realizes just how badly she messed up and is so willing, and anxious, to justify the mistake and make things right. Such a good girl…

There are so many things that she does that make me think “Such a good girl” that I smile often and wonder how I could have gotten so lucky. Listening to her breath heavy and moan as she fingers her own tight little cunt with me on the phone….such a good girl. The way her little cunt gets wet just thinking about me rubbing my pussy all over her face…such a good girl. Like I said, there are SO many things that make me say it but I won’t put them all here…I don’t want her head getting to big. 🙂

Mine was at work and while on her lunch break I instructed her to start rubbing her cunt. She didn’t have time to come so I stopped her and told her to go back to work. (This is where I may be a little evil) I then started sending her delicious gifs and pictures of some very naughty D/s situations between a Mistress and her girl. All very sexy and sure to get her worked up. They did. I was very pleased with the result of how being able to visualize just what I want to do to her and her do to me made her very horny. Of course she was at work so there was little she could do about how she was being worked up. Needless to say on her last 15 minute break she and I hurried onto the phone and we both came together. Yes, the pictures made me just as hot…she is a good girl.

The one that I look forward to the most is demonstrated above, though it is only a small clip of the several in the scene. I want her kneeling down before me and proceed to bury her face between my thighs and pleasuring me with her mouth. Mmm I foresee a trip to Texas for my girl soon. Not to mention how badly I want to tie her legs apart and her hands above her so that I may torture lil miss piggy. Oh…no I am not calling her fat. That is what I call her cunt. It is so beautiful…so pink and inviting. *licks lips*

Things with Him and I are doing so much better. I mean…sex 3 days in a row…twice in one day…HELLO! I am very happy! ♥ I know that doesn’t seem like a lot to some people, but we have been together for over 10 years and sometimes sex isn’t as high on the priority list as it used to be when we first got together. I mean gees…10 years ago we were fucking 4-10 times a day EVERY DAY we were with each other. I can’t expect that…and I don’t think I would even want that now…wouldn’t mind trying to find out though! *wiggles brows*

There are some things that will never change.

1. How much I love Him.

2. How much I need Him.

3. How much I want Him.

I can’t help it…those things will NEVER change. Even when I am angry with him my body yearns to be next to him. To hold him, feel him, and inevitably…stroke him. Does fighting with your spouse or partner make anyone else EXTREMELY horny? I always knew make up sex was amazing, but fuck if I don’t want to  have make up sex before we even get to the end of the argument! Is it bad I wanna call him a poopoo head and make him mad just so I can get all turned on? WHY am I like this?


What has been shoved in my face Friday…

Breakfast – Nothing

Lunch – 5 Crispy Chicken Strips, Corn, Mashed Potatoes w/ gravy, and Pepsi (KFC)

Dinner – BBQ Pork Tenderloin, Loaded Baked Potato, Sweet Iced Tea (Home Cooked), and Little Debbie Swiss Roll (Because YUM!)


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