Interesting Conversations



So this evening I sit here with a full belly and tired as FUCK! Having a pleasant conversation with Him and mine. It’s kind of nice to have all three of us together chatting in a normal fashion without stress or worry. I guess I should do a little explaining as to why I chose the picture for this post. LOL! 😛

So normally you guys know I try and select a picture that represents the blog in some fashion. Well this one is no different….as our conversation starter for this evening was about come. What a subject starter! Mine wasn’t sure what a pearl necklace was so I explained it to her. I can’t say I am a huge fan of one but if my man wants to spew his come all over me then so be it just keep it out of the designated no no spots and all is good! I am pretty laid back when it comes to come. I don’t mind it. I actually love it, but I do have certain stipulations. 1. I will NOT drink it from a vessel of any sort. If it isn’t straight from the cock to mouth it won’t be going into my mouth. Exception ONLY being if he comes all over a girl we are playing with I MAY consider cleaning his come off her….MAY! So yeah…that was a wonderful conversation to have just before going to have our dinner.

Speaking of which, during our OMG DELICIOUS dinner we talked a bit about my disappointments in our previous trials in D/s lifestyle together. I think he understood…I hope he did because it really bothers me when I feel like I say things to him and he doesn’t care or at least doesn’t show that he understood and cared. Do I think anything will come out of it? No, but time will tell and if not then that is fine. It won’t change how things are now but at least talking about it makes me feel better.

We got home from dinner and we have had a pleasant time talking to mine. I think she is in a bit of shock from all the talking as I really am not much of a talker. I like to listen, observe, but talking is not one of my strong suits. I think I enjoy talking if I have something to say, but if nothing is on mind then I really don’t mind just listening or knowing they are there with me. I hate being alone, but at the same time I crave silence. A conundrum…but am I alone in this?

Well, I think I am gonna end this for the evening…so here comes the dreaded part…



What has been shoved in my face this day…

Breakfast – Nothing

Lunch – Grilled breast, 2 chicken strips, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, biscuit, and pepsi.

Dinner – Beef fajitas and sweet ice tea




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