Because I Should…


Well I would star keeping up with this more and seeing as how I am such a mean Mistress and make my girl journal daily, I figured I would give it a try….to do more than once every six months at least. 😛

Life is as it usually is and nothing more has changed or looks like it will be changing. Some things are at a stale mate and some things are progressing in a way that surprises me more than anything. I find myself with a very short fuse for ignorance. I don’t know how to fix this or even if I want too at this point. I am frustrated and I am angry about a lot of specific things. I don’t have the freedom to speak how I feel about things so I get to sit here and stew in my pissed off state and live with it.

I have given mine the complete freedom to write everything in her journal and I am kind of jealous of that freedom I gave her. I don’t have that freedom…everything I say or write is punishable and it kind of sucks. What can I do? Nothing, because saying or doing anything won’t make it different so here I am being vague and miserable about so much stuff. Is it fair to me that I don’t have an outlet to vent or express how I feel without repercussions?

Anyways, things are going really well with mine. She is promising and very beautiful in her submission. I am blessed to have her submission and servitude. She has given me a great gift and I cherish it completely.

I am making this a short one as I really wanna get in bed so…because I make her do this…I am going to start doing the same.


What has been shoved in my face this day…

Breakfast – Sonic Sausage and egg burrito with 6 tator tots (I threw the rest away cause blech) and a Caramel Frozen coffee thing.

Lunch – Nothing

Snack – Handful of Cheetos Puffs

Dinner – 4 pieces of Pepperoni and Cheese pizza (Blech)


4Ever yours,




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