A Fresh Start & A New Beginning



Well, Master and I have been taking a break and playing around with other things. We finally decide to let those other things go for a bit and get back to focusing on us and enjoying each other again. I don’t know in what way it will be but any way that he and I are together I am happy, and love him always. I miss a lot of what we had before and I think I have it back in my heart. I think that if he committed I would be able to commit as well, but it is hard when we are neither in the perfect place mentally.

Isn’t that key though? Having both parties in the right state of mind to be able to follow through with the whole lifestyle? This isn’t the lifestyle that is easy to live. There are always trials and tribulations. I can’t imagine anyone ever living this lifestyle and finding it easy or without trials and tribulations. If they do claim this lifestyle is a breeze then I guarantee they aren’t living it honestly.

As for other news, I am currently home from work for a few more days. I was leaving to go to work and I fell..going down the stairs…and I have seriously sprained my ankle (x-ray results for further damage pending). It sucks…I hate it…but I am getting a few more days off work so it is pretty cool. Even though my check won’t be that great…which DOES suck.

I would normally add some deliciously sexy thing that has happened between He and I but it has been about a week sense that deliciously steamy sexual experience happened and I would rather just wait till the next one. I am hoping though that some spankings will come soon…I miss my spankings and how wet they would make me. Man…I need spankings.

On another note something unexpected happened. A girl we know from rp’ing in the GE gorean sim we were in, who I had grown close too within the group, has come to me and asked me to Top her. I am very excited about this as most of you know I love topping other girls. The thing is…it came out of no where. I was simply enjoying some time with her, we were playing 20 questions, and then WHAM. I kind of stumbled a little with hand on chest but then after taking a deep breath and realizing she was serious I got a big grin on my face. She is beautiful, she is true, and she knows where she belongs. This is going to be one hell of a journey and I am so glad to be the one leading her along it.

I am His and she is Mine.


4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar


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