How Long it Has Been


It has been a while since I have felt the urge to post a new blog to share my life and accomplishments with those who take time to read it. I sometimes feel selfish for not letting those of you know how I am doing in my journey as a submissive woman (with Domme tendencies towards women) with my husband/Master. Though I have to admit there just hasn’t been a lot to share. It isn’t any one persons fault for the lack of content, or studies, but we, well I, let other things become more important and I am here to make a change. has been such a powerful force in our lives since we first joined back in 2009 (I think that is when I joined). It is where I met some of the most amazing people that I know and it is where I discovered my complete desire to submit and BE submissive to my husband. That being said I think it is time that my life, my real one, become the priority and not let my avatar (although is is quite sexy) have all the fun. It is time for me to practice all that I have learned (and will continue to learn) in real life with my husband/Master.

What does this mean? This means that my time in Secondlife will be coming to a dramatic decline. I am sad about it, only because there are people who are in this other world whom I find to be my family. Not just the pixels that they inhabit, but the people who are behind those computer screens. Though I do know that no matter what happens those people will continue to be my family and those who I love completely. They know who they are and know that communication is not limited to the game.

For my real life it is high time that my Master finds his submissive being exactly that, his submissive. I have failed him in so many ways and for that I will be forever regretful and pathetically sorry for my mistakes and shortcomings. He is such an amazing man and deserves the best submissive. How he has tolerated me in the last year or so I will never know, but I am grateful for the fact he has never given up on me.

So this means, yes (you know who you are) you will be happy to know that the BLOG is going to be back in business. I will once again be blogging my journey, as it begins or carry ons, from this point forward. It won’t always be pretty and I am sure that my Master will not always be made to be the perfect Master. The thing is, this is my blog…this is my place to explain and let out my emotions and to say how I feel about certain things.

I will always make sure that Master approves the blog, and if he doesn’t I will (and of course be disappointed) of course make the appropriate changes so that he is not upset. I have been very honest in my blogs, but I have not always written about everything that I am thinking or going through and I want that to change. This is something I will have to discuss more with Master because it may not always make him look “good”, but it won’t always make him look “bad” either. Somehow I will have to find a happy medium, but what kind of journal about my journey is this if I am not saying everything?

Well, for now this is the end of this post. Though from how things are progressing this evening I am sure I will have a new one soon. Thank you to everyone who comes to read this blog and I hope that with the absence you will be once again interested in my journey.

4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar


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