Something random…

Something random…

Okay, so two things have happened at work that I just can’t get out of my head. Wait, three. Okay let me list them here and explain some.

1. A guy walks up to the counter and asks for napkins. (we keep them behind the counter) So I give him two, he then stands there, in front of me, and digs in his nose with these napkins and blows his nose. Now, not to be racist or anything, but he was a black man so his nostrils were huge and it was like he was trying to forge for some fucking gold I swear! Anyways, so while he is doing this I am standing there, at my register, and he is looking at the menu. I am doing everything I can to not look up at him and then to not vomit all over my register screen. I mean OMFG! So then he orders and with those now germ filled fingers he pulls out his cc and hands it to me. (yes we are still dinosaurs and have to scan the CC ourselves.) I just couldn’t take it. I stood there looking at him, arm outstretched, and holding the CC to me. I shook my head and pushed the machine towards him and asked him to swipe it. Was I wrong in doing this? Why you ask am I worried about this? He actually complained about me! I am sorry, but fire me PLEASE if you think that I should have subjected myself to his fucking snotty nose. FUCKING NASTY!

Okay next…

2. A manager that I work with decided to come to work with some alcohol. Okay no big deal, except SHE WAS DRINKING IT! I mean our job isn’t THAT bad that you have to drink on the job, plus we do work around some fire hazards and sharp objects, so isn’t that like…bad? I am feeling very off about this manager now and I don’t know what to do. I mean I don’t want to be “that” person, but seriously…what would you do?

3. I was working the drive through one day and a woman pulled up to the window. No biggie, except she had a toddler who couldn’t have been more than 18 months old in the front passenger seat, no car seat, no seat belt…NOTHING! Now, what would you do if you saw this? Would you say something to her? Would you wait for her to pull away and write down her license plate number and call the cops? I can’t tell you how disturbed I was to see this. I mean SERIOUSLY rattled. I say this because just last year my four daughters were in a serious accident while with their step mother. Serious as in if it weren’t for proper restraints being used I would have lost them. It wasn’t her fault, a box truck came up and slammed into their vehicle causing it to roll three times and come to a stop on its hood. Glass, blood, and children (she had two of her own in the car as well) were everywhere. What if something like this, something the mother had no control over, happened and that child lost its life? Would you feel responsible if you hadn’t said or done something to prevent that child from being hurt? I am so torn…

Anyways, those are the three things that have happened so far that have me thinking I am a mysophobia, judgmental bitch, and that I actually have a heart.

4ever yours,

Submissive Scar


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