A Day Late…but, What?

I went to bed last night regretting that I didn’t write a blog, but I had written one that morning so I didn’t instantly think I needed too. I knew I was wrong, but at the same time I am so glad I waited…because this morning I am able to tell you about what an amazing morning I have had. As we require our girls to write their blogs every evening before they go to bed I feel that for me writing in the morning is so much easier because I am alone. Not only because I am alone of course, but because I am able to tell more of how I feel without the rush of having to get into bed on time. Does this mean I have double standards? Should I be less strict about the girls doing their blogs if they at least do it once a day? The reason we have them do it at night is so they can wrap up their day and express how they are feeling…so doing it before bed seems to make sense.

I sit here just a bit before I need to get ready for work and a smile comes to my lips as I remember waking up this morning. I struggled last night because yet again I was looking on Tumblr.com and DAYUM if some of those pictures aren’t going to drive me absolutely crazy….and by crazy I mean horny. *laughs* So, I got in bed and read some of my book that I am currently reading. One chapter of the book (when it is about a certain character) always makes me deliciously honry as well so I simply had to put it down before I got myself in trouble. When laying there I reached over to touch my Master in his bed, letting my fingers brush against his back and even, rubbed a spot he likes to have rubbed. I knew he wouldn’t wake up but I needed so badly to feel him…his warmth. I was a little sad because I knew he wouldn’t wake up but I still hoped, deep inside. I finally rolled over onto my own bed and went to sleep with dreams that seem to make it even harder for me.

I know my Master loves me and I know that with his schedule he is tired in the evening and not always up for recreational activities. It makes me sad but I understand and I don’t push for it to happen, at least I don’t think I do. I am thankful that Master takes such good care of me, but sometimes I just need, well more. More of him…more of his touch, his caress, his kisses, his…cock. This morning I squeezed my legs together and felt how hard and ready my clit was for pleasure and I was so tempted to reach down between my thighs while Master slept, but…I didn’t. I am glad I didn’t because I know it would only get me in trouble to do something without the permission of my Master. So I layed there, on my stomach with my face buried in my pillow wondering how I would get through the day with this aching need that is building inside of me.

I heard the alarm go off and new my Master was sitting up so I reached over to his bed and touched his body, the warmth still clinging to his skin and I breathed deeply. How badly I wanted to feel that body against mine, his cock slithering between my thighs and entering my wet pussy. Well, I didn’t have to wait long…

Master reached over and instantly his fingers were inside of me, I knew he would be surprised to feel just how wet I was. I heard him say something and I swore it sounded something like, “I wonder if I have time…” then the next thing I knew Master was on my bed and his cock was pressing into the entrance of my cunt. Mmmmm God…I love how his cock makes me moan and how I instantly grip the headboard as he starts pounding my pussy.

I didn’t beg for release only because I knew time would be short but how badly am I needing it now? Even as I am dressed for work I can feel the wetness of my little pussy dripping down my thighs when I stand. How will I get through 5 hours of craving my Master? I know I will…I have gone through a few days…what are a few more hours except that I had a taste of Master this morning? *sighs* I really hope my lip heals soon…I want to be on my knees before my Master kissing the head of his cock while looking up into his eyes with such devotion and love that I have for him.

Yes, I share him with other submissives, but in my heart he is mine…all mine…when I look up into his eyes as I kneel before him. I don’t mind sharing him with others, as long as when he looks down into my eyes it is only me that he thinks of.

I am forever yours my Master…please take care of your slut…she needs you so badly.

4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar


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