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Today I got a text from Master about looking something up on something he had overheard. “if you have six children they can go to college for free.” Well I know nothing about this, and I only have five kids (not including my step son who is a grown adult, plus I believe I would have had to adopt him for him to be seen as mine through the kind of assistance Master is looking at.) So, anyways, I went in search of this and really couldn’t find anything, but I did stumble across a forum where some people were being quite ignorant and it made me think. I know…crazy huh?

So apparently this person recently met one of their neighbors (who has been a neighbor of theirs for 10 years) and found out that they had 12 children. First thing…what kind of snobby bitch are you to just now, after they have lived there 10 years, introduce yourself to your neighbors? Anyways, so this person then continues to go on about how she finds out her neighbors have all of their children in a Catholic private school. Once finding this out she makes a statement about how it must be pretty expensive. Well, yes it would normally be quite expensive but the neighbors let this person know that they get Government assistance to help with the school fees. Which let’s be honest…isn’t the first thing that worries me about the situation.

Anyways, I am scrolling down just to see what some of the other comments were and of course there is more slander for this family and it really, really bothers me. I don’t understand why people have to be so damn critical of others and think so poorly of them because they are living, even if it is scraping by and using what help the Government offers. I really thought it was funny that someone made the comment about:

Originally Posted by Momma_bear
Catholic schools are especially supportive of large families.

Then someone said about that…LOL

Originally Posted by Jabronie
Well when you don’t endorse the use of condoms and contraceptives….

Then another person posted this on the above comment…LOL

Originally Posted by psr13
Why tape the mouth? The Catholic Church does not endorse the use of artificial birth control, which is why it helps out large families more than other denominations and religions.

I almost cracked up when I read this one…it is classic

Originally Posted by Magritte25
Since the Catholic Church does not encourage using BC and THEY are the ones paying for the scholarships I really don’t get what the issue is here.

Now, that part of this discussion made me laugh, of course, because it was a DOH moment while reading this garbage. First off, the original person who posted this and many others are complaining because this family have 12 children and they are ASSUMING that they are living off the Government in more than just one way. I am going to assume the poster is a she because usually only women would be this fucking catty. So, SHE assumes that the family is poor only because they have 12 children and many of the other posters on this site are condemning this family because they ASSUME they are poor.

The father is the only one working while the mother stays home…and that is bad? I am so confused, these bitches are complaining about them being on Government aid but do they not realize that by the MOTHER staying home they are NOT on at least one Government assistant program that pays for DAY CARE. As another person stated on the forum, the father could very well be making a very decent income to support the family but sending the children to a private school, that will put their children in the education environment of their beliefs, may be out of their income range. Thankful, I am sure they are, that the private school offers great benefits for families that are part of their perish. PLUS, just because the mother says she got “government assistance” doesn’t mean that the government (if that is who is actually paying it) is paying for EVERYTHING. It only means they are getting some assistance in the payment of the education…but who cares?

Why are upstanding citizens under the fire of this fucking moron because they have 12 kids and are getting help to send them to a “good” private school where the kids may actually have a chance at being future upstanding citizens? If I was this family I would sue the fucking piss for whatever I could on this fucking cunt for being such a hateful little bitch. Yeah I know I am not any better with the language I am using, but my God…who the fuck does she think she is? All of a sudden, after one conversation, she knows everything about this family? She has been a neighbor to them for ten years and didn’t even know, after 10 years, that they had 12 children and NOW after one conversation this cunt thinks that she knows they live off the government?

I really hate people like this and I can’t understand why they are so damn judgemental towards people who are NOT robbing stores, murdering people, raping people, killing people, or anything other than just living their lives and sending their kids to a good school, anyway they can. I had five children and you wanna know something? Every single one of them was conceived while I was…gasps…on birth control! So look…it doesn’t always work, so maybe that could possibly be why they have so many children. What do you want them to do…”Oops honey I am pregnant…” then the father say…”Well let’s sale this one so we can pay for the schooling of the others.” I mean come on people!

*sighs* Okay so anyways, my day has been rather quiet and I have enjoyed getting some time to look over and work on some of my school work this morning. It has been nice, not being in a rush to get my school work done or turning things in late with a 10% deduction. I am praying that I can get my grades up because I really don’t like having my grades this low. It is unacceptable even for myself, let alone how Master feels about it. So, from here on out School comes first with no exceptions…this is gonna be hard! *laughs*

I do have to apologize to my Master for my post the other evening. I was having such a bad day and with my hot flashes from my estrogen loss (I had a complete hysterectomy) I am struggling with my emotional turmoil. I should never be upset with the fact that my Master desires to help other girls who have and are struggling in their lifestyle choice. I was being selfish, rightfully so or not, I shouldn’t have acted like a spoiled brat and I shouldn’t have let my anger spread onto my blog. Yes, my blog is my place to express my feelings, but I must always remember that no matter what I am feeling I must represent my Master and his care. He is NOT a bad Master, he is amazing and I love his rule in my life, I have no right to complain. I should be more understand and I am to remember that I am one of the lucky ones. I have never been hurt or broken by some stupid little boy pretending to be a Dom. Why should I complain (or deny) a girl the amazing guidance of my Master? As long as they don’t cross the line…it should be okay, so I have no complaints, any more…I hope.

Master, I am sorry…I regret lashing out the way I did and I hope that you will forgive me for my selfish behavior.

4Ever yours,
Submissive Scar


Link to the original forum if anyone wishes to go read the garbage themselves.


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