A Day, Like Every Other

Well, today really hasn’t been much different than any other day…except that…I GOT TO CUM! Woot! We got home from a long drive and RL stuff and I started looking up some….well, lesbian porn. I was so deliciously wet and horny I was almost a bad girl. I wanted so badly to run to the bathroom and play with myself, but i didn’t and when I came back I was so happy to have my Master pull his cock out and let me stroke it. Yes, I am craving pussy but no matter how badly I want pussy his cock is and always will be that for which I worship.

So, Master laid down on the bed and I got between his thighs and stroked his cock while spitting on it so that it was nice and slippery with my spit. So I made him cum, and yes I took a picture of his seed all over my hand. It was so delicious I had to take a picture.  *picture removed* Master would like to let everyone know that he had just cum and he was already beginning to get “relaxed” after the orgasm so he isn’t as “ready” as he was before he came. *insert me rolling my eyes* Masters cock isn’t like some porn stars donkey dick, thank god, but it is just perfect for ME and I don’t care what anyone else has to say about it, so NAW! *inserts me sticking out my tongue like a brat*

Anyways, *grins all big* after I get Master all cleaned up (and my hand) he tells me to get undressed, get my toy, and get in bed. WOOHOO! I was so happy! I was so ready to cum I knew just a puff of air would make it happen. he told me to “assume the position” which means doggy style (my fav) so I did quickly. My ass positioned perfectly and my toy held between my legs so it can vibe against my clit (it is a long version of a bullet). Then it happens…he spanks me. OMG! YES YES YES! ALl of a sudden my pussy juices flow even more and my clit jumps against the toy like it was trying to cling to it as suddenly his fingers are felt slipping inside of me and…omg! I don’t understand how spanking me makes me so incredibly and deliciously horny, but I am not complaining…please do it again MASTER! MMMM, once given permission to cum, I regretfully did. It had felt so amazing I didn’t want the sensations to stop, but I did as I was told and…oh GOD it was so good.

I do have a question though which confuses me quite a bit. Why is it when I cum do I dry up? It is like all of a sudden a hoover sucked out all my cum and juices. Like WTF! I thought I was supposed to be slippery when I came, but nope…dry and it even becomes painful if Masters not using some kind of lube (or his cum) to keep me moist. Oh well, point is I came and it was DELERIOUSLY DELICIOUS! Master said I had a nice cherry red ass…I wish I had a picture to show but he didn’t take one. *inserts sad face here* Maybe next time he will grab the camera and show off his sluts ass for you all to see just how red it gets when he gives me spankings. WOOTS!

I think Master has realised just how badly I am in need of a woman. How badly I am wanting to slip between the thighs of another woman and eat her delicious little cunt till I am done with her. Master has decided to find me a little slut to play with! * squeals with pleasure* All I want is a somewhat thin to medium sized girl (doesn’t have to be some freakin barbie doll, but I at least want to be able to see her face when I am between her thighs) who is trimmed to my specifications and who will let me eat her pussy and worship her ass….without her doing anything in return. Should be easy to find a selfish little slut like that somewhere right? *laughs* We shall see…mmm I can’t wait!

Well, my upper eyelid twitch is driving me nuts so I am gonna close this up for now and get to bed. I researched this twitch thing and it has several causes. Stress, Lack of sleep, Dry eyes, Eye strain, and so on…well all of those seem to be my current situation so I am not looking for it to stop any time soon. *sighs*

I love you my sexy and delicious Master and THANK YOU from the bottom of my feetsies for letting me cum, for letting me make you cum, and for deciding it is time to find me a little cunt to eat! *grins*

4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar

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