Sleepy Head

I am so terribly tired, but I have been a bad girl and not posted in a few evenings. How can I tell our girls that they must blog each evening before going to bed if I don’t do it myself? Master has been patient with me because he can see how tired I am, but it is still no excuse. Like lina, it is important for me to not procrastinate and do my blog when I know I should and not wait till “later”.

I am so extremely entertained with how things are happening in our lives right now. Not only our virtual world but our real life world as well. I have a job I am currently working at, I don’t love…or even like the job really, but my boss, Lili, is fantastic. She is so amazing, but…I need something more. I have applied at a bank, I probably won’t get the job, but it doesn’t hurt to try. I have also been thinking about going back to the bus…it has insurance benifits, which my current job doesn’t have and I really need them. I am so torn and I have many things to think about to be able to make the best decision for me…as well as my Master and our bank account. *laughs*

I am completely without the ability to concentrate any further for this blog and I am apologise. I am hoping that I will be able to concentrate and further delve into how things are going with me.


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