How the Rooster Crows

I love Saturday mornings when Master and I are able to sleep in. We don’t seem to get a lot of sleep during the week and when Saturdays come where we have no other obligations but to relax, then that is exactly what we do…Relax. So this morning Master and I were able to sleep in and I loved it so much! I had actually woken up around 6:30 am which sucks because that is what time Master usually wakes me up to take him to work during the week. I was a bit perturbed but after getting comfortable again I was back in dreamland before I knew it.

I had weird dreams…very weird dreams. The only parts I remember was Doctor Office, my Master, School, Sex, and then I was woken up. It was really funny because as Master was scratching my skin, waking me up, I stirred knowing what he will be wanting soon. I was surprised when he began to mount me from behind…he seemed as if he was in a rush…like he was wanting something very badly and then… *moans happily* then he was in and I gripped the headboard so tightly as his cock filled me from behind. The funny part was…he asked me if I was having good dreams because my little cunt was so wet and ready. I didn’t even remember the dream when he woke me up, but my body was purely ready for his cock to be inside me.

Early mornings (or at least when I first wake up) I tend to have a difficult time cumming. I don’t know why, but it has been this way since….I started having sex I suppose, so I didn’t expect to cum while he was inside of me. As he plunged deep inside of me, holding it there, I felt a stirring, one I had not felt before, and suddenly I knew I wished to cum. I didn’t say anything to Master as I suddenly realized he was actually cumming himself. I was a bit sad, but I know that if he knew he would have made sure I was taken care of…in time I know I shall be given the gift of sexual release…so I am not complaining. What I am doing is being completely in SHOCK that my body had even felt that bit of tickle being that I had just woken up AND because I am one of about 75 percent of all women who never reach orgasm from intercourse alone. It sucks…and I hate it but it is what it is and Master makes sure that he gives me sexual release, when I deserve it. Thing is…when I felt that little stir…it was vaginal only! So, maybe…but I am not holding my breath to find out…it is possible to have one that way in positions other than riding him? Hummmm? *taps chin thinking*

Today has been a beautiful day. I have spent most (all of it actually) with my adopted mother and I have loved every second of it. I have missed her so completely that the last few days have been so wonderful and uplifting. I knew that her Master was a great guy, but to actually HEAR it…in her voice…hearing her actually SMILE, is such a blessing. Thank you to mamma’s Master! ❤

I am craving my Master right now and less of my companion/husband. I am needing his hand and I am so thankful that he is able to give it to me. Master, I need you! *grins and wiggles her bottom at you* Yes, that means I need my vitamins…even little ones. pwease Master?

4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar 


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