How Do I…

How do I find myself in the weirdest conversations?

Tonight, after a long day of school, Cooking, and SL…I am about to log off vent and there is a conversation going on about Vaginal Secretions and all I want to do is vomit. Why is it I love to eat pussy as much as I do, and I am a woman, but the mere sound of someone saying those two words make my stomach churn and my gag reflex, which is practically non-existent, become over whelming? I swear it is only men who can talk about that and it not make them gag….which makes it totally makes no sense to me.

Anyways, today was an interesting day…but yet so boring at the same time. I had some great rp with one of our new slaves in our camp. He is a handful and I am quite intrigued by it…finally a camp slave that is a challenge. I love good slaves, but at the same time god help me if I don’t get bored handing out chores…I would rather hand out whippings! ❤

Well, as for the real me…


I am finding myself in complete infatuation over my Master right now. Yes, I love him and always will, but sometimes he does something that makes me all giddy and school girl like all over again. I love the way he touches me…the way he gropes me when I am in the kitchen. I don’t know if it is because I am doing things for him or what, but it makes me want to do more! Sure, let me cut your pork tenderloin for you….as long as you grope me and molest me with your hands! *giggles*

Who would have thought that after nearly nine years…in Feb 2013…I am still just as in love, and definitely more so, than I was all that time ago? He is such an amazing man and am I so lucky to have him as mine…my lover, my husband, and so importantly…my Master. I still have so much to learn in my servitude to him, but I am so willing to continue to learn and I am eager to continue to learn at the hands of my Master❣

4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar



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