Waking up to Pleasure

I have to admit being able to sleep in till 11 am this morning was amazing and so incredibly needed. This past week has been incredibly busy and I am SO glad that it is over. Who would have thought that family, work, school, and recreational stuff would keep someone so busy? *laughs*

Just to give a small run down, my Master has put me in my own bed, even though it is connected to his, we literally sleep in two different beds. I do enjoy it because I toss and turn a lot and it doesn’t bother his sleeping, which is always good, but there are parts that bother me as well. Our cuddle time has dwindled and I miss it completely. This morning I scooted over so I was more on his side than mine and slipped under his sheet and blankie and pushed my ass against his body, feeling his already deliciously hard cock against my ass. *shivers*

We cuddle for a little bit then I slipped back over to my side of the bed and slept a bit more. I know, disappointing huh, but god I needed sleep. Shortly after I fell back asleep though Master spoke and the tone of his voice sent shivers through my body. Even the mere sound of his voice makes me ready for his touch…and when he told me it was time to wake up I was sad, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I was a lucky girl though and apparently he had other plans as his hand went directly between my exposed thighs and slipped one inside of my pussy. Mmmm I was pleasantly happy and spread my thighs so he can get to my pussy easier. Circling my clit and pumping a finger inside of my pussy for a short amount of time before he got to his knees and shoved his cock into my mouth. I completely swallowed his cock into my mouth, feeling just hard deliciously hard it was against my tongue, my pussy grew even more wet by the second.

Unexpectedly my Master decided it was time to taste me and he bent over and began to lap at my wet cunt. Tasting my early morning (for us anyways lol) juices and suddenly there was a surprise….he began to finger my ass. Mmmm I LOVE IT! I have been ready for a good ass fucking for so long and I KNEW I was going to be ready and ready I was. He fucked my ass with his fingers (I don’t know how many but mmm it felt so good) for a little bit while he licked my clit, but then he asked a wonderful question. “Do you want my cock in your ass, mine?” OH GOD YES PLEASE! I could hardly contain my need as he got to his knees between my thighs. I reached back, gripping the headboard and lifted my ass up so he could get to it easier. We had discussed before having anal sex with only spit as our lubricant…which I prefer, and YES he tried it for the first time, for him. MMm It felt so amazing! I love Love LOve LOVe LOVE anal sex!

He stretched my ass so deliciously and pounded deep within me I was deep in the pleasure of my Masters cock fucking my ass I could barely even say a word or utter a sound. I don’t even think I breathed all that mush as all I wanted to do was focus on how delicious his cock felt sliding in and out of my ass. The thing I love about using spit instead of lube for anal sex is, with spit you get to feel the delicious textures of his cock…the skin on skin contact. With lube it is just to slippery…and I don’t get to feel the head of his cock stroking inside of me so much. I know weird, but that is just me. *shrugs*

I knew Master wouldn’t last long in my ass, but he lasted long enough for me to be so completely turned on I could feel my clit throbbing with need. How is it when he begins to cum my body instantly wants to cum with him even without the stimulation? He came so hard and he even said he had cum a lot…lovely. *laughs*

Once he was out of me, he got my toy and told me to cum for him. It didn’t take me long, I knew it wouldn’t but I did TRY to make it last longer and not let myself cum. I was enjoying it to much to stop…the feel of my ass closing up after he had filled it with his cum. I love the little ache I feel in my ass after it has been used…it makes me remember the pleasure it had given me while he had stretched it. mmmmm

Well, I suppose I should save some for this evening when I have to write my nightly blog. I am in such an amazing mood…thank you my Master!!!

4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar

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