I have internet again and can come back to writing journals on a regular basis like I love to do. I am also excited about venturing into to gain some inspiration for some future posts. Oh how I miss reading the random posts in some of my favorite groups. I don’t know if I will have the time I used to have when I didn’t work, but now with work, school, and family I don’t have nearly the time I used too. It makes me sad, but I will be sure to devote SOME time back into the groups that I used to love back when I had net before. I do think that to do what I love to do, on I will have to reduce some of the groups I am in so I am not stretched to thin, or maybe segregate certain groups for certain days.

Well, on to other excited and delicious news….oh wait there isn’t any. *laughs*

I suppose I could go in to some of my ever lasting conundrum, but isn’t that getting old? Maybe tomorrow I will find something much better to write about except for this small bit of wasted space on my blog. I do have to say that I am SO happy to be back online and able to get in world, but I don’t know if I am feeling it…the RP anyways, but I am going to try.

To my Master, I love you with all of my heart but may I request some vitamins soon?

4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar


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