The Heavy Sigh

by `mjranum

I sit here and cringe as I think of what life would be like without my Master in it. How could I understand the world I live in if I didn’t have the guidance that my Master gives me? I know I could, of course, but would I wish too? No…simply said….NO! The guidance he is able to give me and he seems to always make things make sense to me when I am confused by the actions of others really makes it easier for me to wake up every morning.

I have tried to stay out of the political mess that is going on around us and sometimes it is difficult when everyone on Facebook, work and even school do nothing but talk about it. I have said and will say over and over that I will not vote for someone I don’t trust. With that I am tried of people telling me that I should at least vote for the lesser of the two evils. Excuse me? Why would I do that? If that is the case then how about I vote for the lesser of the THREE evils and just do a write in vote for Satan!!!

I don’t care what your political views are or what you think mine should be and I am not telling you that you have to agree with me. I am simply stating that the way that the GROWN MEN are behaving is embarrassing and I just don’t get how they can behave this way then the older generations complain about how the younger generation has no respect for them. Well can you imagine why? How are we supposed to teach our younger generations about anti-bullying and equality if the people running for President can’t even behave themselves. How badly I wish Hillary Clinton would put herself in some latex and just whip the ignorance out of those teet suckers! (Not that I would want to see her in Latex)

Eventually I hope that our Country will regain its footing and remember who we are and why we are here. I hope one day that people will stop worrying about how much money they have filling up their bank accounts while those who have less are trying to find something in their pantries to feed their children.

All of this makes me sad, but I am grateful to have a Master who tries not to let these kinds of things bother me emotionally. It is difficult, but he is strong and supportive and for that I couldn’t ask for me. Now…I need my vitamins please my Master! *grins*


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