by `mjranum

It is official, Sexting is now a word in our Dictionary and I have to say I got some of that delicious thing today. My Master is set to get an email each time I post a new blog and when he read mine from earlier today the response I got was quite delicious. I was surprised he had read the blog so soon, I knew he was busy and had not intended on distracting him from doing his job, but was pleasantly surprised that he was excited by what I had said.

I love getting my Master excited and today was a day that he, in turn, excited me by the delicious and taunting things he had discussed with me after reading the blog. I do have permission to quote some of the things he said in text so I shall share them with you as I describe, per my Masters orders, what we discussed via text messaging, while he was still at work.

First he talked a little about me tinging his ass, which is something I completely enjoy doing though it has been a very long time since I have been given permission to do so. I totally enjoy eating my Masters ass because I know it gives him great pleasure for me to do so while reaching around and stroking his cock. Mmmm please Master may I do it again soon?

Shortly after discussing this, briefly, he had told me had plans for me. This could go two different ways *giggles* and I am so glad that it ended up going the way it had! I, innocently, asked what his plans were and he told me it had something to do with me (finally) getting my DP. We have discussed this subject for nearly the entire eight years we have been together and it has never been done. I told him just the other day I truly have no desire to have another mans cock inside of me so I don’t think that it will ever happen. Well, my crafty Master has come up with several ways for it to happen and the latest one is the most delicious so far! I squealed (yes out loud in real life) and begged him to tell me what his plan was. He said that we would get kali a ball gag with a cock on it and while Master is fucking my ass she will be between our legs fucking my pussy with the gag while watching Masters cock plunge deep into my ass. I shivered and instantly felt my pussy get wet at the thought of Kali doing this with us and then he told me to imagine what it would be like to have her caressing my thighs and clit with her fingertips. Something that I had thought of while Master was telling me this was the fact that Kali would be on her back with her head between my thighs fucking my pussy with the ball gag…which means her deliciously wet pussy would be fairly close to my mouth and definitely in range of my wondering fingers…maybe while they are pleasuring me I will be allowed to give Kali some nasty little pleasure of her own…

I then explained to Master that I was going to be uncontrollable if he didn’t stop teasing me with the thoughts he had implanted into my head. *giggles* He, of course, said good and that I would suck him off tonight and if I pleased him he would eat my pussy. I made a whining sound (but out of desire not cry babyish) and said “Yes Master”. Then I get another text and he asks if my pussy is wet. I took some time to answer and of course it was, how could it not be with all this delightful talk of pleasure?

He followed that up with a question…”Where are you?” I knew instantly I was gonna be happy with that and I asked if he would like for me to go up to our bedroom. HE SAID YES! *squeals happily* So I did of course then told him I was there. I sat on the edge of the bed, my tummy bursting full of butterflies as I awaited his command. God how I love it when he commands me to be his dirty slut…mmmm I love being Master dirty slut and cock whore. When he responded this was his exact command, ” Lay down, spread your legs, run a finger lightly up your slit. Then tug on your lips them lightly circle your clit for ten seconds. Do not cheat. (giggles) Lastly, finger fuck yourself, suck your finger, and tell me how you taste.” MOANS!

So of course I told Master how delicious my nectar was, and always is (thankfully) and he told me to back downstairs and prepare for him to arrive home. I was a little frustrated but knew that I had to obey my Master but I wanted to do one thing first. I asked but before I got the answer I went ahead and did it anyways. I used my phone (which is awkward) and took a picture of my wet pussy and sent it to him via text. Then I slipped my pants back on and headed back downstairs. I whimpered some, yes I know, but I was in such need for my Master to be home NOW!

I did the few things Master needed me to do before he got home, simple domestic things, and then it was time for him to walk through the door. I was a little shy at first because I was anxious to get my Master undressed from his work clothes and worship his cock. I knew that would be my first duty and I was so looking forward to it. I LOVE my Masters cock and I never can seem to get enough of it. So I went with him upstairs when he crooked his finger at me to come and I did so willingly, how could I not! I help him remove his clothing and he stands before me, cock hanging, and waiting for my mouth to warm it. I asked if I may get on the edge of the bed so that I may be able to take him better within my mouth and he allowed me too. I was giddy with excitement and need…

I was sure to take my hair down from it’s clip, wanting to be sure my Master was able to grip my long hair between his fingers. I took him in my mouth and felt him instantly begin to harden…how delicious it is that his cock reacts so quickly to the touch of my pink tongue against it. *grins* I was so excited that his hands instantly tangled within my long blonde hair forcing me to take his cock even deeper into my mouth and throat. How does he now that this drives me wild!? I take him in as far as I can, smothering myself with his cock as it slides deep into my throat, the pressure of his hands forcing me to stay there till I need breath. *Moans* Please Master…force me to deep throat you more! *shivers with need* He isn’t the easiest to get to cum while standing so I was surprised that he came a little bit, though I am sure it was just pre-cum but I wasn’t going to ask when he commanded me to lay back and remove my little shorts again.

I squirmed and laid down, spreading my knees for him and strokes my little clit with my finger while he stood above me stroking his cock. Is it normal that I totally enjoy watching him stroke his cock with his masculine hands? Anyways, so he finally kneels down between my thighs, a hand on each one spreading me even further, then pushes the head of his cock between my lips and begins to fuck me. *Moans* How I love it when he stretches my pussy with his cock…feeling him go deep and pull back then go deep again makes me eyes roll back and my toes curl from the delicious pleasure it gives me. I am not one of those women who is lucky enough to cum from strictly vaginal stimulation, but I can say that I enjoy it all the same if not more. I love to feel each rib of his cock as it strokes in and out of my pussy…feeling the flesh cling to each other then release as it slips past. *sighs happily* I love my Masters cock…

When Master came I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to survive the evening, sanely, unless I came. I was completely to turned on and when he pulled out of me I did whine like a child as I needed to cum so badly. I begged to be allowed to cum but Master really wanted to eat me but for him to do so I had to get cleaned up. I ran to the bathroom quickly and hopped on the counter and used the sink and my bar of soap to wash my pussy (and ass…hey a girl could hope *giggles*) then went back to him, sad that all of my excitement juice had just been washed away but happy that my Master was going to make it all return soon. *grins*

He ordered me to lay back down on my back and I moaned as he slid his tongue across my  clit. Oh my GOD how I love it when he eats my pussy! I beg him to play with my ass, because yes I am totally craving to have my ass fucked soon by my Master and instantly I knew I was going to cum soon when I felt him stretch my ass finger after finger. No I don’t know how many he ended up using but all I know is it had me on the verge of cumming within seconds of him fucking my ass with his fingers. I begged to be allowed to cum and thankfully was given permission…I have learned to ask before I am about to start cumming. I have not mastered the art of stopping myself from being able to cum. That is going to take MUCH more practice. *blushes* Once I was given permission to cum I did so after a few heartbeats, trying so hardly to hold it off as long as I could (which is impossible btw) because it felt so good but…it felt too good. *laughs* I came hard…my toes cramped and I thought I would explode from all of the emotional pleasure that runs through me every time my Master makes me cum. Is it awkward that I want to cry (and have a hard time not too) when my Master makes me cum really hard?

Today had been a blessed day for me…I was able to speak to our girl kali and even with Jinx a little bit this morning. I even got to talk to Lina, which is very rare with me being offline. It really makes me sad that I am unable to be there as much as I would like for our girls, but it is what it is and I am thankful that I live with my Master. The separation only shows how very strong and amazing these girls are and I am very proud of them for showing such amazing strength.

I am also very proud of me and my journey that I am still on and think that I will be on this journey, this amazing journey, for the rest of my life with the man I love and the girl/s we both love so much. How I became so blessed in my life, I truly don’t know but I am not going to complain about one second of it.


4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar

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