by ~MorphineMoexXx


Ever since I watched a certain porn I have been completely in love with the idea of ass worship. Not just worshiping someone elses ass but forcing them to worship mine (or in the case of my Master hoping that he worships mine lol). I have a deep desire to spread a girls ass cheeks and stretch her asshole so that I may tease it with my fingers, tongue, and some various toys I may come across. I want to spank her ass so hard she cries for me to stop then turn around and give her pleasure by using her ass and fingering her clit.

Why do I feel like such a dirty slut for wanting to do these things? Is it normal for me to want to stretch and make love to another woman’s ass with my tongue and fingers? Is it normal for me to want to sit on her face and make her pleasure my ass with her own tongue to prepare my ass for the use of our Master? *shivers* the very thought of that makes me wet with desire. I wonder if our girl will even be receptive to this kind of thing. I remember vaguely she had said that she enjoyed anal, but will she enjoy me stretching her the way I wish for Master to stretch mine?

This is what I get for watching my favorite trilogy of porn movies…how delicious Belladonna’s ass is and how badly I wish I could have a go at worshiping her ass. *rawrs*


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