May I Call You…?

May I call you my love?

May I call you my Husband?

May I call you my Wife?

May I call you my Soul?

May I call you my Heart?

May I call you my Sister?

May I call you my Slave?

May I call you my Master?

There have been many times in my life that I thought I was in love. A few times even after marrying my husband that I thought my heart had fallen for another. First it was her, which didn’t end so well, and though I know that I truly did love her I know it isn’t a situation that would have been right for the three of us, though I had hoped it would be. Now I have found myself falling in love with another woman. She is so smart, so beautiful, and so amazing! She has helped me remember what it means to be a submissive to my Master and also how truly wonderful it is to be a Mistress to a wonderful girl. In our virtual world I have 3 beautiful slave girls but only one of them that could possibly become a real life, as in moving in to our home and submitting to my Master. This is something that excites me very much, something I always knew I wanted, and something I am so happy to say is a true possibility.

I have always thought I knew who I was. A strong woman with her own mind and the ability to make decisions and be responsible for her self. Well, I have to say that after the conversation I had with my Master tonight I realized there is still so much to learn about myself. This journey I have been on with my Master has been amazing and one that has shown me more and more sides to myself that I never thought I knew, being submissive as one of them. Master finally opened up and we started talking about the spectrum of my personality, using my two virtual barbies as focal points. One who is a strict Domme and a free woman, never the thought of submission on her mind and even hates the little slut that he adores so much (my other virtual barbie). Then there is my slave virtual barbie who is bubbly, loving, and wants nothing but to serve and please the free around her, especially her sexy Master. How is it I am able to completely play two different roles and not intermingle them in character when I have seen so many others who can’t do this? Master says that I am truly somewhere in between them both…which makes sense…even though he tried to make me cry. >.<

I know I still have a long journey ahead of me of finding myself and making my place in this world. Not only do I have amazing children, and an amazing Master, but I am gaining an amazing sister who I adore. This is a journey I am looking forward to, one I never thought I would take and one that I know is never going to end. That is the best part about this lifestyle we have chosen. You can never know everything and I am so happy to know that we will be learning together, the three of us. I have to say that the few times we have cuddled in our virtual world and talked about things I had wished that we were together in real life, cuddled, smiling, and seeing the expressions on the faces of each other as we asked the questions and answered them. I know that we will be one day doing this but I know that I wish to reach out and stroke her cheek and smile at her as she beams and blushes from an answer she is given.  I want to see the pride in my Masters eyes as he looks down upon her and upon me as we kneel before him, his girls, his property, and be looking up into his eyes, my love, my husband, my Master.

My journey…one I shall cherish always and dream of nightly…

4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar


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