The Light Switch

In my life with my husband and my Master (yes one in the same if you are new to my blog) I am the bottom and LOVE being there. I love being his little subbie and being controlled by his command…even his very glance my way makes my skin prickle with excitement and desire to serve. I love being dom’ed by my Master and I can’t express how deliriously happy he has made me by collaring me.

We play in an alternate world called, Secondlife, and in this world I get to explore my Top side. I would NOT use this to top my Master, but I use it to top little subbie girls and sometimes boys, though I do prefer the girls. I have to say I enjoy it very much because I know that I do have a domme side within me. I don’t think it has affected my submission to my Master, even though he has jokingly said that it was a mistake to let me play a free. *laughs*

We recently brought a girl into our lives, via this alternate world, whom we have been friends with for some time. I have to say that I am quite pleased, so far, with this new addition. I don’t know how things will turn  out in the future but I will just continue to enjoy and relish in the fact that in our real lives she would be and is considered my sister, but in my alternate world I get to be her Mistress and it is quite fun. I have had my own girl for some time, and oh how deliciously fun she is but quite different from our newest addition. My own girl wishes to live in the fantasy of our alternate world, where as the newest girl doesn’t mind having real life guidance, which is very exciting.

Things are definitely are on the upside in my life and I am so happy to still be so happy kneeling at my Masters feet. He is my world…my life…my breath. We just recently celebrated our Five year wedding anniversary and I can’t express how amazingly thrilled I am to say I have been married to my Master for five beautiful years and hope to spend the rest of my life as his wife and as his sub. He is such an amazing man and I am so blessed…so amazingly blessed to be his. Yes…I am his!

4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar


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