Last night was a VERY good night with my Master. I asked him if we could discuss some things that I had been thinking about and he said we could, so I let it all out. I told him how I was feeling and things that needed to be resolved, in my mind, and then it was done. I love getting it out there and then letting it be a done issue afterwards. I mean there are things I need to work on, of course, but having it out and not bottled inside makes for a much healthier D/s relationship.

After we did some much needed talking we laid in bed, my head on his thigh looking up to him, and we talked some more about random thoughts. I saw that his cock was beginning to stir and grow hard and I smiles, asking what was making him grow harder. I was quite happy, I love watching his cock grow hard before me…and he knows it. He pulled his pants down and commanded me to touch his cock and explore it. So I did…touching it with my fingers, from his balls all around his shaft, and the head of his cock. It was so delicious! I love the softness of the skin around the hard thick muscle of his cock. *shivers*

I was then commanded to rub his cock over my face and lips, without putting it in my mouth. Can you imagine how difficult this was? I LOVE sucking my Masters cock and being told I couldn’t put it into my mouth was almost impossible! I rubbed the head of it across my lips, cheeks, and over my eyes, enjoying the feeling of the soft skin against my own flesh. How I worship my Masters cock…

I was told I could finally put his cock in my mouth and I took it in with such need and hunger. Crawling between his thighs and sucking him deep into my throat and back up, letting my tongue slide along the shaft with a good amount of pressure. *trembles as she thinks about it* Yes….I love love love Masters cock. It is the best I have ever had…I don’t want another cock…his is all I could ask for.

Once he has cum I was so excited. Now know that while I was worshiping my Masters cock I was fully dressed and there was no physical stimulation upon my own body. So when Master came he got behind me, pulled my pants down over my ass and asked how much of a naughty slut am I…*giggles* I was pretty naughty and delicious wet…only from giving my Master his pleasure. I have always told him that I gain my pleasure from giving him the pleasure he deserves.

Yes, I was extremely horny and ready for my Master to fuck me but he said he wanted to wait till it was time for bed, which he would give me my vitamins as well. I pouted, inwardly, for a few minutes but knew that whatever Master said was how it would be so I didn’t argue. I went on about my evening…cooking dinner and all that jazz. When it was finally time to get in bed it was time…so I got onto my knees and bent over so my ass was presented for my vitamins. You may be wondering what I mean by vitamins…they are my daily dose of “reminder spankings”. I LOVE getting them, they are not the same as punishment spankings but a good reminder of my place.

I kept asking for more…I had not had my vitamins for some time and I needed them. I have to say that I didn’t even want to have sex afterwards. Not for lack of desire, but because inside I didn’t feel as if I deserved to receive pleasure from my Master. I wanted to remember the vitamins and what they meant to me and let me tell you…I still remember them as I sit here writing this blog. My butt hurts so bad! Now, my Master does not spank me enough to leave disgusting looking bruises on my ass. I don’t know what is so pleasurable out of that on either end, but to each their own. My Master enjoys making my ass a very cherry red and as long as he is happy so am I, but I do think that my ass is a bit bruised…or at least still sore from his hand.

Which reminds me…a question for the other little spanking sluts like me…

Which do you prefer hand or paddle?

We have both and I don’t mind the paddle but it seems better used for punishment than for pleasure. I LOVE my Masters hand and the sound it makes when he spanks me. I will always prefer his hand…but know that when it is time for punishment I will be feeling the leather of the paddle against my ass…*cries* I am looking forward to getting our flogger. We have been contemplating having one made or just buying one we find at some random sex shop.

I am so thankful to have such an amazing man as my Master and my Husband!!! I love you so much!

4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar


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