The Butt End of Things

Anal Sex

For as long as I can remember, from the beginning of my sexual experiences, I have enjoyed anal sex. It isn’t for everyone and I have had many conversations with friends over the topic. Why is it harder for some to do than others? I can’t say it has anything to do with the cock size…but I am sure some would disagree.

Once I learned the best techniques on a successful anal sex experience (with the right partner of course) I have yet to be disappointed with the pleasures I get from doing it. I have a few suggestions for those of you who have tried and been unsuccessful or for those who have not tried because of fear. If you will be patient and know as well as understand, that not everyone will have the same experience, but I can only tell you what has worked for me AND for those who I have discussed these techniques with.

Take a warm shower with your partner and wash each other.

  • This is a great way to start the sexual experience. Giving each other the shower, cleaning every inch of the other gives you a sense of comfort and your partner the inner knowledge that you are clean.

Getting your anus prepared. I do not suggest enema’s unless you and/or your partner are adamant about it.

  • Most do not worry about this, but it can bother some. Just make sure you have used the restroom (prior to the shower) recently and have not eaten within the last few hours.
  • Teasing the tightness. Your anus naturally is made to expel whatever is in there.
  • Your muscles inside your ass naturally are made to push out when there is something inside of you. It is important to take the time to probe with a toy or finger (preferred for myself) to get your anus relaxed.

Continuation of the relaxation. This is SO important for those who are just starting out.

  • Breath. Breath in and out slowly, closing your eyes, and just laying there. Relax every muscle in your body. While your partner is relaxing your anus muscles, you are doing this relaxation skill, and your partner is coating your anus and the entrance with lube. The preparation and relaxation techniques are some of the most important to successfully have anal sex.

For beginners I would suggest being on your back with legs spread or together and pulled back towards you.

  • The reason I suggest this is because of the natural curve of your anus, while on your back, matches the natural up curve of your partners cock.

Lube is KEY. There are so many lubes out there but I have to suggest a silicone based lube for anal sex.

  • NEVER use water based. I say this because it will turn sticky and you don’t want that…in there. My Master and I have a favorite which is System Jo. There are many to choose from but this is the best I have found and believe me…I am picky.

Once you are in position, relaxed, and lubed it is time to begin.

  • Make sure your partner is patient and that he doesn’t get ahead of himself or your limits. Pressing the head of his cock to your anus will instantly cause you to want too or too tighten up. It is important for him to stay in this position for as long as it takes for you to again do your breathing and relaxing your entire body. He must NOT move unless YOU specify it is okay for him to do so and DO NOT say okay unless you are 100% ready for him too.
  • Then the head begins to go in and you again instantly want to tighten up but you must not do it. Just keep breathing in and out, stay relaxed and as long as he doesn’t shove the entire head in you will be okay. (Food for thought, your partners cock probably isn’t any bigger than a good shit.)
  • Next step is the entire head of your partners cock. Once this is in your partner will be able to help hold your legs back by leaning on them as he holds steady not to push deeper inside of you till you give the go ahead. I can’t express enough how important it is for your partner to NOT move unless you say so. If he goes to deep to fast then it will only hurt you and hurt his chances of anal sex. It may seem like it is taking forever and you may worry about him going soft, but I can assure you he won’t…he is nearly busting a cum already only by thinking that he is getting the chance to fuck your ass! Once the head is in it is a good time to smile and look into your partners eyes. Taking this time to breath and continue to relax as your anus gets used to the slight stretch and hug around your partners cock.
  • Now, some men grow in girth the farther down their cock you go, so it is important to continue the slow entrance of his cock into your anus. DO NOT PULL BACK! You may have to add more lube to the shaft of his cock as he goes deeper. Don’t worry about how much you are using…the common phrase “Less is more” has NO baring on this situation so SWIM IN THE LUBE!
  • Once he is as deep as he can go (sometimes they can’t go all the way, deepens on how deep you are till it gets to your large intestines) have him stay there a bit, squeeze and relax your anus muscles around his cock while continuing your relaxation and breathing. This will help remind you that you have full control over what your anus is doing and it will remind you to relax again.
  • Once you have relaxed, he may pull back BUT NEVER OUT and then back in slowly. ALWAYS using your cues as to what you can handle. Again, you may have to continue to add lube to his shaft and around your anus entrance (being careful to never pull out all the way).
  • After a few strokes within your anus you may be ready for more, but take it slow. You probably will not cum (from anal sex alone) without other stimulation. From my own experience I have to warn you NOT to cum/orgasm till your partner has. I say this because when you cum you instantly tighten your anus. It is just how your body reacts when having an orgasm. I am usually using a small vibrator on my clit while he is closer to having his own orgasm so that once he cums I am not far behind and am able to cum while he is still inside of me.
  • Once you have had your orgasms and are laying in each others embrace your ass will be sore. Be sure to go into the bathroom and sit for a bit on the toilet, you will release some of what he left inside of you. (I know…eewe) I would suggest again for you both to get back in the shower and clean each other again. Have your partner gently soap up your ass…no reason to be embarrassed about this, you did just let him fuck your most intimate hole.
  • You will be sore for a few days afterwards, and you may have some spotty bleeding. Your bowel movements may be a bit painful, but it will heal. Just be patient and I don’t suggest having anal sex on a regular basis. My Master uses my ass three or four times a year (sometimes more if he feels like it) but not enough to make my ass a gaper.

I know this is a lot of information and I hope that if you use my techniques that they work for you. These are the very things I STILL do to have anal sex (except variations in position only because I am more used to it) successfully. If you have any other suggestions I would love for you to share them. I am open to anything that can make my experience even greater than it already is.

Thank you Master for giving me the best anal sex I could ever hope for. You take the time to make sure that it not only gives yourself pleasure but your girl as well. I love you…

4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar

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