Such a Slacker!

How long since my last post and so much news to share!

Well, my beautiful sister Mel, is no longer in our “home”.  Though I still love her and will forever consider her my sister, the friendships we all had was more important to us than trying to “make” something happen. I am sad about it, I miss her, and really, truly enjoyed getting to know her. I do look forward to actually meeting her, which we still plan on doing, thankfully. Mel, if you read this know I miss you and I hope we get to meet RL soon! *kisses you*

Another change…well not really a huge change. A girl who was once in Masters collar a while back ago has come back into our lives. Know, I have to say, she never truly left…she has always been a good friend to Master and I both and conversation has always been open between us. Recently, she has been showing a sort of interest, so I flat out asked her if she wanted to be back in Masters collar…well yes she did. 🙂 I have to admit this makes me very happy. I mean, she is one person I love and trust so completely…she is one notch under Master…and so this is not something I am worried about.

The one thing, ONE THING, that does concern me. She is planning on leaving the states within the year with her rl and I am worried about what will happen to us. What does this mean? It means that there is no possibility for a true rl poly relationship, physically. That does not mean in my heart, or even Masters, that we are not RL poly in our hearts with her. I am worried about the time zone difference once she moves, will our time then online, become even more limited? These are concerns for all of us, but the draw to be with each other is so strong so I believe we are going to give it a try. We shall see. 😉

RL, I am craving more and more to be with a woman. I am even DREAMING about it now. I know pathetic huh? I have such a huge desire to slide my tongue over a delicious wet pussy and ass. GAWD! Master says he is going to have us working on finding me a playmate, but that part is hard for me. I mean I don’t want to be some weirdo predator…and I have never ever ever had to try and find a playmate. I have always just played with someone I already knew. So, Master is discussing joining sites, adult orientated, so I can start looking, but I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean, I want to meet someone and the desire to be there for both of us. I am by no means a barbie doll. I have had children, and having those children have otally destroyed my body, and I didn’t do anything to keep it from going south…

So now, I have to work on my body image, AND try to squelsh my cravings and desires till I am comfortable enough to find someone to play with. Master wants to start going to some places in the area where we can be with other lifestyle people and then maybe I will meet someone there. I think that would be a good idea…but I have to be patient and know that it won’t happen quickly. I feel like such a weirdo, but it has been so long since I have been with a woman and for the last year I have been teased online with it and with Master constantly talking about forcing me (snorts) to eat another girls pussy…ugh I AM DYING!

Master has a plan which will be pushing one of my limits. It isn’t one that you would think I had, not after reading the previous paragraph. I am a giver, not a receiver. I do not like women (or even men) eating my pussy. There is just something about it that just doesn’t turn me on. I mean Master does an amazing job, once he is down there, but it takes some time for me to get comfortable with it even when he is down there. I enjoy doing it…I enjoy spreading those delicious lips, licking her delicious juices and tongue fucking her asshole. *grumbles* I have to stop or I am going to drive myself crazy. LOL

Okay, so well…humm I better be going and actually do some domestic chores. lol



One thought on “Such a Slacker!

  1. awwwwww, I have been offline for sooo long with vacation and an ikky cold. I am happy for you both that you have someone online sweetie. Miss you both. Hit me up I wanna talk to you, I’m worried about you. ~hugs~ Mel


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