Mending Friendships

This is a topic within a group on my favorite “lifestyle” site and I thought…how interesting would it be for me to answer these questions and have YOU as my readers answer them too!  So leave a comment with your answers!!!


Suppose someone did you wrong and then apologized, profusely.

1. Would you accept the apology or cut ties and walk away?

Well, it would depend on what the “wrong” was, honestly.

2. IF you accepted the apology, would that be it or would they have to do something else to get back in good favor with you?

If I have accepted the apology then I should explain to them either way.

For instance, if I accepted the apology but still wish to not be friends with them then I would say so, but if I accepted the apology and wish to be friends again then that is it.  Either way, they don’t have to “jump through hoops” after that.  Maybe I would be cautious, and trust would have to be rebuilt, but I would want to be done naturally, not by them doing anything “special”.

3. Could you ever trust them again?

After time, yes I am sure I could.  I am naturally a very trusting person.

4. If not, is that really forgiveness?

Yes, I don’t think trust has anything to do with forgiving.

5. What does true forgiveness mean to you?

Being able to move forward.  Rebuilding trust is a part of that. You must be able to move forward and not “harp” on the past, or on the wrong doing.


Well that is my take on things…how about you?


Tell me what you think!

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