Steps Upon Her Soap Box


Riding home from work I check my email from my fancy cell phone (gotta love it) and see this title as one of the new posts within a group on a “lifestyle” based website…”Submissive and slaves alike should learn to take responsibility for their own decisions.”

Well, warning bells went off immediately, but I just HAD to waste my time in reading this entry…and now I am wasting everyones time by commenting on it. LOL  The thread has been closed within the site so no others can comment on it, but I am wanting to break this down and make my own comments, so here it goes.

(My text will look like this)

In the words of KingMikeDaDom:

“Since I been on the internet I have witness countless amount of naive woman looking under rocks and in caves for prince charming. Seems over and over they keep running into the Big Bad Wolf. Hey fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on ….who?

Shame on who you say? Shame on the “men” who pretend to be Masters/Doms and think they can treat women who submit like shit just because the “Master/Dom” feels the girl has no rights.  You may think that woman have all the answers, and have some special glasses that show the TRUE person, but we don’t.  We can be wooed just as easily and the damage can be done in a way she may not even notice it till the damage is done.  Men who WISH to do damage…don’t always do it so obvious that the girl would pick up on it quickly.

Look ladies none of us are kids, its time to stop blaming men for your impatient ness and unwillingness to go and seek out the proper information and training before you get started.

No we are not kids…we are all willing adults…to what extreme are we willing?  You say we are unwilling and impatient…not wanting to get the proper “education and training.” Look you can go to a hundred classes/training sessions and NEVER have all the information.  You will be surprised how many asshats have been to those SAME classes/training sessions so they know how to HIDE their true disgusting behaviors.  So no…training and education is NOT always the answer.

It seems much easier for ladies to rally around a bitter sub and hate men/Doms.


You ever ask yourself what made her bitter? Or better yet what make any person bitter?

Yeah actually, I have…wanna know what it was?  Little boys with mommy issues pretending to be Masters destroying a womans spirit.  Yeah, so we stand by each other, mostly.  I have, on many occasions, told some “damaged” girls to suck it up, among other brutally honest words.  Does that make me a horrible person? No, I don’t think so, it just means I was one of the only people to tell this girl the truth, but does that mean she shouldn’t have someone be compassionate as well?  

One failed attempt at something does not make you Bitter in most cases it only fuels your determination to succeed. You have to fail at something over and over and over to in order to develop such a negative outlook on it. (True or false)

OH MY GOD!  Why is it a failure on HER part?  Maybe because she “let” the abuse happen?  Well, I have myself argued this over and over with my own Master.  He has a tendency to help “damaged” girls and I get very annoyed, at times.  I mean, as you said, we are all adults…why can’t you just walk away?  Well, I answer my own question quite quickly…because as a submissive…we SUBMIT, and when doing so we TRUST our MASTER (snorts) to do the right thing…and think if we LEAVE we are failing…so we stick it out till we are so damaged that we have a hard time trusting the next man who calls himself a Master.

When you here a woman say she was taken advantage of what questions come to your mind?

I think and ask…Well how long did you know this person?
Have you seen him play with others before?
Have you spoken with anyone who plays or have played with him?

These are questions that SHOULD be asked…but 2 of the three will not happen on a regular basis.  Some submissives tend to not think it is their place…why I don’t know…but to each their own.  

The list goes on, it seems that some people are so eager to play or so scarred to be alone the either rush into something or settle for anything.

I have to agree with you here.  -tips hat-
I have seen so many girls rush into a relationship for it to just fail.  I smack my forehead and shake my head while looking up at Master asking…”why?” I don’t understand the urge to rush into something of this magnitude.  I know the pull to serve is a strong one, but do you really want to serve just some jack off you met online and be in his “collar” within 24 hours?  How can you possibly know anything about this person enough to give yourself to them 100%.  I KNOW that sometimes, there is an instant connection.  I have felt that myself with a few people, other girls in Masters “in consideration” collar, and was ready to kneel next to them at Masters feet within days.  Now…I regret that because in doing that I missed so many signs and have recently been burned by a girl who calls herself a slave but has no idea what it means to serve.  You see, it isn’t just Dom/mes that can be fake…so can slaves/submissives….sadly. 

Ladies “You can’t polish a turd” no matter how hard you try, no one met you and then became a bad person. Those where fuck up people people when you met them. You over looked a flaw in their personalities. You rushes to let someone you really did not know bind you to a cross and do sadistic things to you
maybe its time to stop blambing men and start looking in the mirror to find the source of your problems

(I am doing my best here to not pick on your grammar but Sir, you are KILLING ME! Proof read…and spell check…PLEASE!!!)

No, a turd is not polish-able, but some turds wear sheep’s clothing…does that make sense?  You may think that it is easy for some girls to see through the exterior but it really isn’t, Sir.  I mean some “men” have been playing at this “game” for a long time and know exactly what to do and say to get the girl exactly where they want her.  I am NOT blaming just the “man” but you have to admit Sir, that the men do hold the majority in the control factor.

It has been my experience (as a man) that being patient and getting to know someone is the best way to begin to build a friendship/relationship that will stand the test of time.

It is nice to know that you are like this, but sadly, you are far and few between.  You know the old saying…
“All the good ones are taken….or gay?” Well…girls who have found Masters, good ones, are doing everything they can to stay in their collars. LOL  Also, there are more women than men…so…as women we are generally fucked when it comes to that unless we are lucky enough to find a poly home. 

When you spend enough time around someone the real person that they are will show up sooner or later. I am not saying wait until it does (How will you know when it happens)

This is entirely true, as I said before…These “Men” know how to play the game.  

I am simply saying take your time and develop a comfort for the person of interest other than he has a Big Cock, or Nice Dungeon or what ever. Having toys does not make you a master of them. Having a big cock… (Well that’s pretty cool) lol. Seriously that does not tell you if the guy as a a$$hole or not (I am pretty cool however the rest of the guys with big cocks may be a$$holes lol).

Here is something I would like to touch on…and I wonder how many people will roll their eyes at me.

WHO flipping cares, seriously. EWE!  What I mean by that is, if a “Master” is sharing pictures of His cock…that to me is screaming and I mean SCREAMING “STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRICK!”  They are interested in JUST sex.  They are trying to attract you SEXUALLY instead of INTELLECTUALLY.  I feel the same way about women who post pictures of their pussies, I mean my god…have some fucking decency.  When I am looking around online and I see pussy or cock, the first thing I do is BLOCK, that kinkster.  I am not here for that kind of nonsense.  I take my submission seriously, and I am on these “lifestyle” sites to gain some informative education, not to be bothered by ignorant people showing off the bits of their assets that should be saved for a private meeting.

While you are in the beginning stages or rebounding period take this time to read up and take classes on the kinks you are interested in. Two things can come about from this

#1 you learn all there is you can learn about that particular kink making it virtually impossible for a poser or troll to come along and sell you a bill of goods just to get you where he wants you. (You will never learn ALL THERE is to learn…ever….period.)

#2 while you are there in the class and have been attending faithfully you are meeting people who share that same kink. By you coming every month you see who is serious and who is not. So if ever you may someone from that class not only do you have a common interest you also know how dedicated he is to being good at what ever he/she is trying to become. (This can be true.  Best way to meet people is while doing something you enjoy.)

I will cut this short because I do not want to be wordy… Stop trying to polish TURDS!

When I first read this, I was thinking holy cow He thinks this is short?  Then I went and read your profile…well skimmed it….wow…you like to talk hum?  Please tell me, do you like to hear yourself talk as much as you seem too?

King Mike
this is just my two cents I hold this helps someone.”

Well, Sir Mike, this has been quite an interesting explosion of “shining shit”.  I am amazed that you think that writing this will make a difference in how girls will choose their “Masters”.  You seem very inconsiderate and condescending and I hope that one day you will realize that girls get hurt quite a bit and it takes some time for them to heal and these “Masters” tend to promise to help them…guide them…protect them, only to get them in their clutches and rip them apart piece by piece, of whatever is left anyways.  Please keep in mind that these girls, not ALL of them, but the ones who are genuinely damaged, need a good caring Dom/me, but sometimes, it is their “sisters” that will help and if that means “man” bashing….then bash away sisters!  I have thoroughly enjoyed ripping this post apart…boy am I full of opinions! LOL  Remember the old saying….Opinions are like…assholes, everyone has one!

4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar

*Edited note* I do have permission from Sir Mike to use his post and to comment on it here on my journal.  Screen shot can be given as evidence if there are any complications- 


2 thoughts on “Steps Upon Her Soap Box

  1. you have got to be fucking kidding me “KingMikeDaDom” Any Male that has to pronounce his Dominance so obnoxiously by using King and DaDom, is NOT a Dom I would wish to learn from. 2 cents from my peanut gallery


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