It Has Been to Long

It has been to long since my last real entry and I am ashamed of the lack of respect I have given this task of mine.  Life has just been so hectic that I have not had the time to even discuss my own feelings or situations.  I am hoping: once I have all my other situations under control, I will be able to focus back on my submission without distractions. My devotion to Master is the one thing in my life that I am no longer questioning.  I have never: in my life, felt so completely at peace and complete than I have since submitting to my Master. Now, saying this, Here is my dilemma…

Recently I was reading a thread on a “lifestyle” based website about a woman who is wishing to give complete control to her “Dominate”  so He may cure her of her ailments. I have to say, after reading the original OP then reading all of the comments there after, I am rather pissed off.  I am not trying to be…honest…but the ignorance that flows forth is just mind blowing. I don’t know how to even comment on it without being the “Brutally Honest Bitch”

She talks about wanting to give complete control over to this person, but then turns around later and says she doesn’t understand why people are putting her in the “slave” category and this other person her “Dominate”.  Well, let me spell it out for you…*insert your own exploitive language here*

  1. You are posting within a “Lifestyle” based website
  2. You are posting INSIDE of a SUBMISSIVE WOMEN thread group
  3. You said you wanted to give COMPLETE CONTROL to this other person
Part of me thinks that it would be easier to follow his advice if they were presented as orders where I was not given any freedom to fight back” (underlining and highlighting done by me for emphasis)


I could break down every part of her post, including the comments left by others, including herself.  There is so much ignorance flowing from this person that it makes me wish the mods would just close the thread and boot her ass for just being plain stupid. You can tell a lot of the comment-ors are confused just as much as I am.  Especially when she comes back with this…

I’m sorry, I don’t know where y’all got the impression that I am a slave. I am not at all. And he is not a Master. My pleasure is equally as important as his, no more and no less. This is why I think his helping me with my OCD is that much harder because we ARE mostly equals. He can’t just order me and know I will obey. :(” (underlining and highlighting done by me for emphasis)

This bitch is so full of holes and contradictions that I am just mind blown.  I am trying my best to not name call, but seriously…I am just so over whelmed with pure UGHness that I can’t even wrap my brain around how to comment.  I even shared this with Master so maybe he could help me understand…from what I gathered, he is in the same boat as as I am. LOL  Sad, huh?

Part of me wants forced dominance because then my life would be easier. But maybe it’s just not in my personality make-up to accept any sort of interfering control?”  (underlining and highlighting done by me for emphasis)

What I wish that more women would understand is that ALL women have “Dominance” in them.  I think that is why our submission is such a great gift to our Dom/me’s.  Also, who is to say that your Dom/me won’t want you to use that Dominance in certain situations?  It all breaks down to your individual dynamics within the relationship, with communication and trust. I am NOT talking about switching.  I am talking about how your Dom/me may wish for you to be the one in control of the bills and money…grocery shopping/home menu…children (if there are any) and such.  Your Dom/me will still be the one over you, but they will be trusting you to deal with the other situations, while communicating if there are any issues.  ‘

Why then is it so hard for some women to understand that Submission is much more than “giving up control”.  I have submitted but I still have basic control over my own self.  Master and I have discussed and will continue to discuss any changes that need to be made within the amount of control being given/taken when needed.  Meaning? This means if I, as his submissive, need him to remove some of my freedoms, then I can go to him and we discuss it.  I may not get what I am asking for…I may continue to have to have those certain freedoms.

Part of my problem that I see with this “poster” is this…

Do you REALLY need someone to tell you to take care of yourself?  I mean you are an adult, not a newborn baby who depends on someone else for the daily care of your needs.  I mean you OBVIOUSLY know something is array in your head…so go to a DOCTOR.  Your Dom/me cannot CURE you, but they can encourage and guide you once there are steps in place for you.


I know, I am just ranting, but there is just so much ignorance flowing from this broads mouth that it just annoys the ever living piss out of me. I hope you will all forgive my diarrhea of the mouth while I vented about this situation.  I am done now…moving on. LOL

Master and I have discussed adding more implements into my daily schedule to keep me on track.  Something He and I can put down and agree upon.  I like having a structured schedule…it helps keep me centered and focused on the things that are important. I am really excited about this…but let me explain. It is not that I need Master to give me a time by time schedule.  I am only asking to have TASKS that HE would like for me to do for him.  Something that will give him pleasure when I do them to his standards.  It is just another way to please my Master, which then pleases me.

On another note, I am wishing that it was easier to spend time with sis.  I know the online thing is all we have at this time, but it gets so frustrating…I know that with me here when Master wants to do “His own thing” I am still able to communicate with him if need be and be spontaneous if I so wish.  I feel bad that sis does not have that kind of option.  I hope, that one day, Master is able to have his two girls with him at all times, and not have to worry about a blasted computer between him and one of his girls.  I am hoping we can take a road trip to meet somewhere; so we can actually do something as a family.  Where she can feel his arms around her and his lips upon hers…I know he craves her…maybe one day.  I just want Master to have everything he has always wanted…

I guess I should end this…I have to go play on facebook now 😛

4ever yours,

Submissive Scar


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