Is GOR real?

This is something that came up within a thread that has some feathers ruffled and I thought I would take this time to use my own outlet to get my views on record.


Just because you take things from the SCIENCE FICTION writings of JOHN NORMAN and incorporate them into your BDSM lifestyle does not mean that GOR is real.  It just means that some of the delicious ideas that John wrote about interested you enough to want to do them in your real life.

I am not saying that the Gorean ways are not interesting, but they are not NOT NOT real.  For those who want to argue that Priest Kings are no different than the Wicca Gods and Goddesses is nuts.  Wanna know why?  Because the Priest Kings may have been Gods to those on the planet GOR, but they weren’t, they were aliens controlling the ways of the people THEY brought to the planet.

Which is another point…THERE IS NO PLANET GOR.  It was a FICTIONAL place that JOHN NORMAN made up for the BOOKS.  As I said, I myself have read most of the books, and I enjoyed them very much.  A lot of the scenarios were very powerful, very intriguing, and very passionate in one way or another.  I don’t see why some of the gorean ways cannot be incorporated into your BDSM lifestyle, but still to try and argue with me that GOR is real is going to get you no where.  I will never accept that GOR is real, till NASA comes and tells me they found a planet with life on it, controlled by aliens with human males with slaves and everything else that happens in the GOREAN SCIENCE FICTION books WRITTEN by JOHN NORMAN.

I am not trying to ruffle anyones feathers, I am only stating my own opinion on this matter.


Tell me what you think!

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