A Happy Today

Today has been a great day.  Master and I got to stay home this weekend so we actually slept in.  I mean SLEPT IN!  It was after NOON before we got out of bed.  I can’t explain to you how amazing that felt…being able to stay in bed with nothing to do but relish in the feel of my Masters skin next to mine.  Well, we finally decided to get out of bed, we went and had chinese food while we waited for Mel to get home from shopping.  It was SOOO yummy, but still, Master it isn’t as good as the one in Rockwall.

Anyways, we came home and not long after Mel got home.  It was so great seeing her…it already feels so natural to have her in our lives.  She is so open and easy to get along with, I mean I am not pushing for anything, or making plans for past this week.  I am just going to enjoy the time she is with Master and I and enjoy the time she is with Master. Rawr!

Master took Mel and I shopping, we had so much fun, got LOTS of sexy clothing, He spoiled us crazy! Went to try and find some tentacle sex machines in SL.  Had no luck with that….they were not what I was looking for, close but no cigar.  I know I know, I am soooooo weird, but there is something about it that is sooo hot!

Is it bad that Master and I have watched so much seriously hot BDSM movies that when we try to watch a reg porn that is “taboo” it seems like it is so very vanilla, I actually YAWNED and went to the forums in Fetlife.com and started reading threads AND answering. lol Now we all sit here and Mel is watching Secretary for the first time and I am sitting here writing my journal.  LOL I do LOVE the movie, but I just wanted to get some stuff on paper…so here I am. *cheesy grin :D*

I wonder what draws Master to wanting more than 1 sub/slave.  I KNOW it has nothing to do with my abilities to please Him, but is it because He wishes for variety?  When I am pissing Him off He can go and be with her?  Or visa versa. So many questions and never enough gutts to ask them.  Not that I worry about His reaction, but mainly because I honestly don’t see them being questions I need to worry about getting answers too.  I mean they are there, but I really don’t care…as long as Master is happy that is my main priority, and if that means He has another girl to be with, then so be it! I mean I love being with women, so it doesn’t bother me one i-oda.  Especially if she has bi tendencies…and even if she doesn’t, hopefully she will at least be acceptable to letting me pleasure her.  Master enjoys me doing that as much as I enjoy doing it so, it is a win-win-win…right? LOL

While floating around on Fetlife.com I found a thread where a young girl was asking if anyone else had done ass-to-mouth.  She was unaware that it was. actually, a very common practice in trusting relationships.  I did post on the thread and it basically was just saying that it can be very pleasurable to preform that action for the excitement of my Master.  I don’t think I ever would have thought about doing it, or even WANTED to do it before I met Master.  There is something about the way Master always gets me to do things I have never even thought of that makes them even more exciting than I ever imagined them to be.  I really don’t think A2M is the worst thing a Master could ask her to do…I mean seriously…even if it is your health you are worried about.  When Master and I were talking to “her” I was so extremely “horny” one evening as we were all discussing sexual things we would like to do and I even asked Master if I could clean His cock after He fucked her ass for the first time.  (“She” is an anal virgin)  Course He was amazingly turned on by that, and I was AMAZINGLY turned on by it too, I mean OMG HELLO!  Of course, I loved “her” so that was a part of it, but it mainly was because I wanted to know His reaction.  IT WAS GOOD!  Now, we didn’t get to do it, for reasons you have all read already, but maybe He and I will be back in that type of scenario where I will feel comfortable doing it for Him.

I can’t explain the feeling I am having.  I feel HIGH with all the love, excitement, and overwhelming feeling of commitment I have for my Master.  This feeling of pure, peace…the feeling that I am finally where I am “supposed” to be in my life.  Yes, I have been married twice, and I have NEVER felt this type of completeness…and I have to admit, this didn’t start till a little over a year ago when I FIRST started my submission.  When I took a break from it while I tried to decide what I really wanted, I was not as happy.  I mean I LOVED Master as my Husband, but now…being that I have fully in RL submitted to Him that there is a sort of peace…of the is where I BELONG.  Yes, I am OWNED but in this state I have never felt more FREE than I do now.  Has anyone else ever felt this way before?  I never thought it possible…but I am going to do everything within my own power to keep it from going away.  This is my Heaven…

Something that happened the other evening, something Master and I had not done yet…
Spanking me with the riding crop while I masturbated with my lifesaver.  O M G!  I came so hard…He didn’t touch me with His hands, only used the riding crop, brushing it against my skin…spanking my ass with its delicious sting.  Then…towards the end He began sliding it across my slit…teasing me with its roughness…then suddenly He inserted JUST the tip of it………………………..*trembles* Yes it was GOOD.  I came so hard…something about the roughness of the leather just inside of my pussy that sent me over the edge, along with all of the delicious smacks of the riding crop against my ass.  Yes, I want it again…………PLEASE MASTER!

Well, I am going to finish watching the movie with Master and Mel.  We do have a long day of house cleaning tomorrow…since we are home I plan on getting all caught up so I don’t have to worry about it during the week.  Laundry, Vacuuming, scouring, dusting…UGHS! lol  Well, gotsta go! teehee

4Ever yours,

Submissive Scar


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