So, while playing on Facebook I notice a question asked in FetLife and it peaked my interest. So I head over, read it over and all of the comments.  What  made my mind start to spin was the fact that this particular submissive woman and her Master are wanting a poly home because she is bi and her Master wishes to have that for her since it is something He himself cannot satisfy.  So here are my questions on this subject…

Is this something that is done on a regular basis?

Wouldn’t just a normal three-some be easier than finding another girl to join the family?

Would she be there for Masters satisfaction as His girl and only with permission may the two girls play together?

How do you even begin to explain this kind of thing to your family?

How to explain it to your children?

So many question fly through my head as I think to the time we were so close in having this be an actual situation for us.  Master and I had met an amazing woman in SL, whom we both mutually fell in love with.  I thought for sure, this was the woman whom I had always hoped would come into our lives.  She wanted the same things we did and even though she had never been with a woman I didn’t care.  At that point, I didn’t care if I was ever to have sex with her, I loved her so much I just wanted her to be a part of our family.  To be a sister wife, a sister slave/sub…to be a second mother to my beautiful children.

Is it weird that I was so willing to give everything I had, everything I was to a woman I had met over the internet?  Sadly, the relationship didn’t progress due to personal reasons, and though I am heartbroken and sad, I wish nothing but the best for her.  She is an amazing woman and though sadness and heartbreak filled my heart,  I am blessed to have been given the chance to see it is possible to love another person so much.

I hope one day to find this again…to find a woman to whom we can share our entire lives together and not even care what the “judges” in our lives think.  Even to explain it to my kids would be easy…would have been with her too, because…”you” will figure out a way…to explain it to make sense to them.

I really do love being with women…not just the sexual part, but there is something nice about the thought of laying in Masters arms, one on each side…our fingers entwined on His chest while he holds us both to Him.  The things I had dreamed of when ‘she” was still in our lives…when “she” was still a possibility.  She is a career woman, and I had this huge fantasy of being the stay home “wife” making both Master and my sister wife/slave happy and satisfied while also taking care of the home, kids and…everything.  That is who I am…a pleasure, a giver…I want to do for “you” with nothing but “your” love in return.  Is that to much to ask?  Are those dreams to much to want to come true?

Maybe someday…maybe someday that dream will come true, but till then I am content with my Master, at His feet with my head on His knees.  He is my Love…my Heart…my Soul.

Yours truly,

Submissive Scar


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