My Very First…

I sit here at my computer while Master sits as His wondering if our lives will ever be truly what I am looking for or if it is just fun and games for Him.  I have, on random occasion, been defiant and unruly just to see if He is paying attention and if He will punish me in some way.

Nothing…nothing ever happens.  He is my husband and I know this is new to us both, but I am serious in my servitude and wish for Him to be just as serious in his Dom’ing.  I don’t know how to go about bringing this subject up with Him, I worry that he will think badly of me, or that I am trying to top from the bottom.  This is something he had wanted for a long time, and within the last year I have finally opened myself up enough to realize this is the path I wish to take.  So why is He not doing what I need?  I know he KNOWS what to do and how to be, but I wonder…is it just the kink He is interested in?  Dom’ing me only in the bedroom and not in life?  Why are the questions even there, shouldn’t I already know the answers to these questions?  Why are they even questions I am questioning?

Master…I need you to be my Master.

I need you to Dom me in every aspect.

I am your wife, but even as your wife my servitude is there and always has been.


Yours truly,

Submissive Scar


One thought on “My Very First…

  1. My husband could never be my master. i topped him from the botton always. i never even knew I was doing it. he was not a master..or at least not to me. We parted ways after 13years of marriage. I met a fake master om SL he was a cheat and a user and milked me for 2 months. Another master who was not mine comforted me and helped me free myself of this not so dominant Dom. Gradually we realized we were meant to be. He already had another though. She knew f me all along and we met online. it was at that Moment that my nw master knew the three of us were meant to be. he is buying a home now and we will all move together in january. I went to see him for a week on my Birthday. I feel a strength in him, a safty and a love i have never felt. He is my true Master. many meet on SL playing in Gor. We dont go there much nw. We are busy living what was once a fantasy and preparing to build a life together. Tell hubby what you need. maybe a pet would be good if he has trouble doming over you. There are lots of girls willing to be pets and even boys too. Good luck hun.


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